There have been some further changes to the membership of the Quartz Hill Committee over the past couple of months.

Mike Kerr ZL2BCW has recently stepped down to focus on other personal interests. He had been a long standing member of the Committee since it was first formed in 1997. We are very grateful to Mike for his advice and practical support over the years.

Malcolm Wheeler ZL2UDF has kindly agreed to join the committee, to help fill the gap created by Mike's departure. Malcolm has been an enthusiastic supporter of our activities over many years and has been most helpful with the arranging and driving of trucks to move some of our larger assets. We are pleased to have the skills and experience that Malcolm brings to the team.

Brian Miller ZL1AZE has been the chair of the committee since 1997. He is now stepping down from this position due to a pending move to VK3. Mike Woods ZL1AXG has kindly agreed to take on the chair role, at least for the short term. Although Brian will no longer be able to participate in local activities, he will continue to be a member of the committee and provide advice (as appropriate) from VK.

Posted by ZL1AZE on February 25, 2011