Bob Vernall ZL2CA has recently resigned from the Quartz Hill Committee. Bob had been a member of the Committee since it was first formed in 1997. We are very grateful to Bob for his advice and practical contributions as a member of the Committee over the years. Bob is still a member of the Quartz Hill Supporters group and continues to make donations to the group from the proceeds of his Approved Radio Examiner (ARX) work.

We are pleased to advise that Mike Woods ZL1AXG and Bernard Robbins ZL2BD have kindly agreed to join the Committee, to help fill the gap created after Bob's resignation. Mike has looked after the hosting of our web pages and has been a committed supporter of our work since 1997. Bernard was the BCNZ manager responsible for the Quartz Hill Receiving station during the 1980s, and brings considerable professional experience and expertise to the Committee.

Posted by ZL1AZE on September 06, 2010