Radio NZ has kindly agreed to the short term storage of our assets at its Titahi Bay premises, while we are still working on plans to move to a new site. The steel masts were moved to Titahi Bay on Sunday 23 May, and the two containers will be moved in June. Unwanted items and other rubbish at Quartz Hill were also transported to the tip on 23 May.

Many thanks to Malcolm ZL2UDF, Brian ZL1AZE, Mike ZL1AXG, Bernard ZL2BD, Stephen Robbins ZL2TEE, Bob ZL2GF, Frank ZL2TTS and Andrew ZL2ACG who helped with the 'heavy lifting' on 23 May. It proved to be an excellent workout much better than going to the gym!

We are also grateful to Malcolm ZL2UDF and NZ Van Lines for making a truck available to transport the steel masts and rubbish.

We have investigated numerous potential new sites in the Wellington region, but finding a site that meets most of our criteria is not easy! However, we are progressing work on some potential leads involving telecommunications sites, and are also liaising with the Wellington Regional Council on the possibility of using an area in the Belmont Regional Park (near the old WW2 ammunition bunkers).

Below: Our steel masts stowed at Titahi Bay


Posted by ZL1AZE on May 23, 2010