Further mast and antenna assets were moved to our Quartz Hill storage area on 22 August 2009, for potential use in building a new station. The items included the 10M yagi antenna and 12 metre Blaw Know mast from the former ZM2K contest station in Martinborough, and a 25 metre lattice mast that has been acquired from the Mana Coast Guard.


Above: The delivered masts stacked at Quartz Hill, with the ex ZM2K sections in front and the ex Mana Coast Guard sections at the rear.

We are grateful to Malcolm ZL2UDF for arranging a truck to transport the masts from Martinborough and Porirua to Quartz Hill. In addition to Malcolm, the 'heavy lifting and moving' crew consisted of Andrew ZL2ACG, Frank ZL2TTS and Brian ZL1AZE. Most unusually, everything worked out according to plan. It was also a brilliantly fine day, which made for some great scenery en route and at Quartz Hill.


Above: The view of the Quartz Hill building and nearby turbines, looking to to the Northeast.

Posted by ZL1AZE on August 22, 2009