On 6 June a working party consisting of ZL2AMI. ZL2TTS, ZL2IFB, ZL2AOH, ZL2ACG, ZL2UDF , ZL1AZE and Barry Laing (the local farmer) visited the former ZM2K contest station (near Martinborough) to lower and dismantle the remaining mast and 10M yagi antenna.

With the help of a BIG tractor and some fine weather, the work all went according to plan. The only exception was some corroded joints including the steel hinge at the base of the mast. This problem was remedied in the usual way - with a large sledge hammer!

A truck will now be organised to transport the dismantled hardware to Quartz Hill for use in the building of a new ZL6QH station.

The ZM2K mast consisted of four sections of 'Blaw Knox' lattice mast to make a total height of around 12 metres. The club already owns a 45 metre 'Blaw Knox' mast so the ex ZM2K sections can potentially be used to extend the length of this mast to around 57 metres (subject to it being feasible from a structural engineering design perspective).

Below: The ZM2K 10M mast and antenna before being dismantled


Below: The ZM2K mast and antenna dismantled and ready for transporting to Quartz Hill


Posted by ZL1AZE on June 06, 2009