Thanks to all who tried to receive ZM2E. It seems that VK6 is our furthest reception report so far. We had fairly good LF DX on Sunday night, receiving something from every R6L beacon. See the Argo graphic below, timed at 1812z, a few minutes before ZL sunrise. It shows beacon IDs of L, A and W, and frequency included. We could copy L at 30 second dot length (we had two receivers and three PCs, so had multiple sessions of Argo running, for bandwidth and dot length options).

ZM2E dawn.JPG

ZM2E average QRN was fairly low all weekend, and we used noise blanking to reduce impact of static bursts. At ZL sunrise we got readability 3 by ear for EU AM broadcast stations on 153 and 171 kHz. Also there were plenty of galloping horses for SSB reception on 100 kHz. All reception was via the wire antenna tuned for 137 kHz.

ZM2E operators were Mike ZL4OL, David ZL4TAC and Bob ZL2CA.

73, Bob ZL2CA

Posted by ZL1AZE on September 25, 2007