The Wellington Amateur Radio Club is dependent on subscriptions from members of the Quartz Hill Supporters Group and other donations to cover the ongoing costs associated with the future development and maintenance of the station facilities. These costs include rent, power and purchase of antenna materials such as aluminium, guy-wire, antenna wire, and other hardware such as bolts, shackles and thimbles.

Membership of Quartz Hill Supporters Group

The Quartz Hill Supporters Group is part of the Wellington Amateur Radio Club Incorporated (WARC), NZART Branch 50. Membership of the Group is open to anyone interested in radio and is subject to the approval of the WARC Quartz Hill Committee.

All members are encouraged to assist with the routine maintenance of the site, where this is feasible. This includes basic house keeping at the station itself as well as work on the antenna farm.

Membership of the Quartz Hill Supporters Group is by annual subscription. Subscriptions are due on 1 May each year. The current subscription is NZ$30.00 per year for Wellington Amateur Radio Club members and NZ $50.00 per year (approximately US$35.00) for all other members, including clubs .

To join the Quartz Hill Supporters Group, simply:

(1) Print out the the application form
(2) Complete the details and sign the form
(3) Post with a personal cheque to:

Quartz Hill Finance Manager
Wellington Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 6464
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

The cheque is to be made payable to 'WARC Inc Quartz Hill'. Note that the amount on the cheque can be in either New Zealand Dollars or a foreign currency (after allowing for the exchange rate).

Alternatively the payment can be direct credited to the Quartz Hill bank account as follows:

Account Number: 060577 0121800 03
Bank: National Bank of NZ
Branch: Wellington South, New Zealand
Account Name: WARC Inc Quartz Hill

Please send an email to Finance Manager to confirm the date and amount of any payment to the bank account.


If you do not wish to become a member but would like to make a donation, then please forward the donation in the form of a personal cheque or a direct credit to the Quartz Hill bank account, as explained above for membership subscription payments.


Please note that all subscriptions and donations are gratefully received and will be acknowledged. Any enquiries should be addressed to the Finance Manager.

Posted by ZL2AOH on July 25, 2007