It turned out to be a brilliant day for Quartz Hill activities - plenty of sunshine and no wind. The attendees were ZL2AOH, ZL2BSJ, ZL2AOV, ZL1AZE and David Ricquish (from Radio Heritage Foundation). Some of the usual attendees were unable to be present due to various other commitments over the Easter period.

The main project was to rebuild the NA 20M yagi which was damaged in high winds that battered Wellington in March. The repairs were completed and the antenna is now back in service. Unfortunately ZL1AZE's vehicle got stuck in a paddock with a flat battery during this project, but a jump start from ZL2BSJ's vehicle soon got things moving again.

Inside the building we checked the smoke detectors and first aid kit, replaced blown lighting bulbs, replenished the mouse bait stations, and generally tidied things up. We also painted the new glazing putty for the window pane that was recently replaced on the Eastern side of the building.

ZL2AOH took the laundry away for cleaning by the official laundry service (!) and ZL2BSJ took the remaining bag of rubbish away for disposal. David Ricquish has also borrowed a pile ZL6QH QSL cards for scanning and transferring to the Radio Heritage database.

Note that the next Quartz Hill Activity Day will be on 5 May 2007.

Posted by ZL1AZE on April 07, 2007