Our 20M North America yagi was damaged after a supporting wire broke in the severe gale force winds on the weekend of 10/11 June 2006.

The repair work on the yagi was completed last weekend 8/9 July. Wilbert ZL2BSJ tested the yagi on Sunday afternoon in the IARU contest and reported back saying "This yagi produces much better USA signals than the Vee beam, it looks like the antenna modelling and construction are spot-on. Well done, everyone".

We also took the opportunity last weekend to tighten the stays on the hardwood pole (pole 8) that supports the 20M yagi antennas.

Thanks to ZL2BSJ, ZL2UDF, ZL2AOV, ZL2TTS and ZL1AZE who assisted with the work.

BELOW: View of the reinstalled 20M NA yagi. The 20M EU long path yagi is also visible in the background.

20M NA yagi.JPG

Posted by ZL2AOH on August 09, 2006