The results of the 2005 CQ WPX CW contest have been published in the March 2006 issue of CQ magazine. The top scores in the Multi-Two category are as follows

EG8FAS 27,959,740
RU1A 14,648,208
LT1F 14,473,290
ZL6QH 13,312,768
HG6N 10,671,784

As you can see we achieved 4th place world wide, not far behind the 2nd and 3rd place holders and well ahead of the 5th place holder.

We have also set a new Oceania record in the Multi-Two category, beating our earlier record setting score in 2003. This means that ZL6QH continues to hold the Oceania record for both the Multi-Multi and Multi-Two categories in this contest.

This is an excellent result, especially considering that QSO numbers on the high bands were well down on those achieved in previous years nearer the peak of the solar cycle. It is also a tribute to the capability of the ZL6QH station and the skill of the 2005 operating team. Congratulations to the operators (Wilbert ZL2BSJ, Andrei ZL1TM, and Brian ZL1AZE) and thank you to all of the Quartz Hill Supporters for their part in assisting with the development and maintenance of the ZL6QH infrastructure. The new 5 element 20M yagi (for long path to Europe) was one of the significant infrastructure improvements that contributed to our success.

Posted by ZL1AZE on April 21, 2006