Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5
Operator: ZL1AZE

Total: QSOs = 19 Sections = 14 Countries = 1 Total Score = 532

I only spent a couple of hours in the contest, immediately after our sunset on the Sunday evening. Conditions were poor with most signals being no stronger than two or three S units. Even signals from the big stations like K9DX and W8JI were only peaking up to S7. Copy was also made difficult by the presence of some local background QRN which masked the weaker signals.

There were some good ears in the contest - especially Jeff VY2ZM who copied me on the first call.

A fault on our 160m vertical antenna meant that all of the QSOs were made on a 160m sloping dipole antenna that is aimed towards JA and Europe. The dipole is supported by a 40m tall mast that also acts as a parasitic reflector.

Posted by ZL1AZE on December 07, 2005