Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

Band QSOs Mults
160: 6 4
80: 171 107
40: 853 389
20: 481 252
15: 310 169
10: 88 58
Total: 1909 979 Total Score = 7,303,340

Propagation seemed a little better than during the Oceania DX PHONE weekend: our score improved 40 %, possibly helped by the narrow-band advantage of CW over SSB. Unfortunately, we were unable to match the 8.5 million record score that was set by ZL6QH in the 2003 CW event.

John ZL1BYZ and Tony ZL2AGY made the pilgrimage to help flog the bands into submission. Tnx OMs.

Before the contest, ZL1AZE had re-jigged the 80 m inverted-Vee into an 80 m sloper, giving us a small increase in the 80 m score. The antenna farm was pretty much operational, with the exception of the 2nd EU short path Vee intermittent) and the rhombic - conveniently stuck on the EU short path.

Armed with the ZL2AGY QRO torch, Brian ZL1AZE decided to venture into the bull paddock to investigate the EU Vee beam in the pitch dark. Your scribe followed reluctantly, counting on Brian to cushion the blow - which fortunately never came. The cattle - the very same herd that previously had visciously disembowled the ZL1CT beverage - must have been in a mellow mood.

Highlights: 80 m short path into Eu, and the 10 m QSOs with JA and W-land. Best DX: a very weak and fluttery TF3DX on 20 m. The TF-path completely faded during the serial number (00?) for a NIL multiplier.

73, Wilbert ZL2BSJ



Above: The ZL6QH ops at the end of the contest (from left to right) - Brian ZL1AZE, Wilbert ZL2BSJ, Tony ZL2AGY and John ZL1BYZ.

Posted by ZL1AZE on October 16, 2005