Call: ZL1V
Operator(s): VK7GN, ZL2BSJ, ZL1AZE, ZL2SP, ZL4TAC, ZL1CT
Station: ZL6QH
Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 44
Club: Motueka Contest Club

Band QSOs
160: 0
80: 28
40: 666
20: 1312
15: 951
10: 486
Total: 3442 Prefixes = 950 Total Score = 11,291,700

Disappointing conditions on most bands - our score 2M points down on last year, mainly because of poor 10m propagation. 40m was quite good which compensated a bit. We lost AC power to the site (ZL6QH) for about 4 hours of the last 12 hrs, but it made little difference because the bands were so quiet - we managed to keep 1 of the 4 stations running on generator power!

Highlights - Being called by FT5XO on 20m, some good pile-ups
Lowlights - 10m dud, 10m European yagi faulty

Please QSL ZL1V via N3SL. ZL1V logs are on Logbook of the World. Thanks to everyone who worked ZL1V. Thanks to the ZL6QH group for the use of the station. Visit for some recent photos of ZL6QH, ZL1V, ZM2K.

73 Chris ZL1CT

Posted by ZL1AZE on April 01, 2005