Operator(s): ZL1CT ZL1AZE
Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Total: QSOs = 390 State/Prov = 38 Countries = 37 Total Score = 287,025

The raw score of 287K is very satisfying and is a significant improvement over our previous best score of 99K in 2000. Although the band was noisy with S9 atmospheric QRN, signals seemed to be better than usual, especially to Asia and Europe. In particular, we were surprised to be able to run European stations until 30 minutes after our sunrise on both mornings.

Approximately 40% of our 390 QSOs were with North America, 39% with Asia and 17% with Europe. We could have easily worked more European stations if some of the operators had spent more time listening rather than QRMing each other :-)

Two antennas were used to make most of the QSOs - a vertical "T" antenna plus a sloping dipole (highest point 40m AGL). The dipole sloped towards JA and the short path to Europe and semed to give us some useful advantage in this direction.

sloping_dipole_sp_eu_a.JPG sloping_dipole_sp_eu_b.JPG

ABOVE: View of the takeoff from the sloping 160m dipole and "T" antennas towards JA and the short path to Europe

Posted by ZL1AZE on February 03, 2005
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