Marcel ON5AU and Dirk ON4IMM stopped over at Quartz Hill during their recent tour of New Zealand. Marcel wrote of his experience:

We very much enjoyed our stay at the Quartz Hill site and were blessed with beautiful weather during our visit. Working and contacting our Belgium friends from ZL6QH was really great. There was very little QRM and we enjoyed strong signals. Switching over from one antenna to another (short or long path Europe) revealed that we really had a long path opening. Back home now I will look on the bands to try to make a QSO with ZL6QH. Hopefully I may visit your fine and hospitable country once more in my lifetime - who knows?
Marcelís message contained four photographs.

ON5AU in the shack of ZL6QH

The Quartz Hill site with our two camper vans parked.

From left to right, ON5AU (Marcel), ZL2AMI (Bob), ON4IMM (Dirk) and ZL2ALJ (Tony)


The same four, while ON5AU is handing over his ďRadio Propagation Book, Volume 1Ē to Bob ZL2AMI, to be shared to all club members. AntenneX publishes the book. This is a first compilation from Marcelís monthly columns for the same publisher about propagation in general.
To contact Marcelís website click HERE

Posted by ZL2AOH on February 03, 2005
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