ZL6QH achieved 1st place in Oceania and 4th place world-wide in the M/2 category for the 2003 CQ WPX contest. The station now holds the M/2 record for Oceania.

The top scores in the M/2 category were as follows

HC8N 30,928,268
R300SP 12,793,452
KM4M 12,395,116
ZL6QH 12,029,472
RT9W 12,006,568
RO4M/6 8,585,466

So the competition was very close between 2nd and 5th placings - ZL6QH was only a few QSOs and mulitpliers away from 2nd place! Interestingly enough, ZL6QH would have achieved 3rd place if we had entered the M/M category!

This is a fantastic result and is tribute to the operators (ZL2BSJ, ZL1TM, ZL2III and ZL1AZE) and the all the hard work that goes into developing the station and keeping it operational.

The team is now making plans for a Multi-Multi entry in the 2004 CQ WPX CW contest on 29/30 May. We are looking for more ops - contact Brian ZL1AZE at Chairperson for more info.

Posted by ZL1AZE on May 01, 2004