A modest Multi-multi effort from Quartz Hill – but as it turned out, conditions were very favourable, and we could have made a higher score if more operators had been available.

Conditions on 15m and 10m were excellent. On 15m there was tremendous backscatter at the start of the contest - with the amp T/R time of about 15ms I was hearing the 'Hotel' of ZL6QH every time I went back to receive. Great fun.

Some very loud signals on 80m, but with the good HF band conditions we concentrated on the higher bands. One problem on 80m was that loud stations had the ‘repeat’ delay on their DVKs set to far too short a time – their receivers would have barely had time to recover fully before the next CQ call started – this may be OK on HF with strong signals, but on the LF bands it means that we gave up calling them after 2 or 3 calls.

Let's hope we get the same good propagation for WPX CW – thanks to everyone who worked ZL6QH in WPX SSB 2004. Here are the vital statistics.

ZL6QH Multi-multi
Operators : Franz ZL2III (ZL7II next week), Bob ZL2AMI, Chris ZL1CT
Band QSOs QSO points Prefixes Score:
160m 0 0 0
80m: 15 90 5
40m: 341 1917 74
20m: 1382 3994 296
15m: 1025 2955 382
10m: 1314 3858 286
Totals: 4077 12814 1043 13365002 pts

73 Chris ZL1CT (GM3WOJ)

Posted by ZL1AZE on April 01, 2004
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