Bob ZL2CA and Andrew ZL2BBJ report success in making a 2 way QSO between Qaurtz Hill and UATLE (UA0LE) over a nominal 10311 km path on 20/21 March. This QSO is claimed as a new world record between amateur stations on LF bands.

Signals were so strong in the last few hours before sunrise that they could get reasonable copy by ear. Andrew and Bob said they were tired but happy withn the result. So are the UATLE team of four, at their temporary site near Vladivostok.

Recent modifications to the ZL6QH LF longwire antenna, including the addition of a long above ground radial wire, probably contributed to the result.

The callsign used was ZM2E which was specially assigned for this LF experimentation. The transmissions were on 137.7890/137.7886 kHz using a 60 second dot length.

See for more news about this record breaking event.

Posted by ZL1AZE on March 21, 2004
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