An unattended PACTOR mailbox/gateway operates from Quartz Hill,
under the callsign ZL2PQH.

The purpose of the Gateway is to allow DX stations to perform
two-way propagation tests with New Zealand.

The Gateway responds to AMTOR, PACTOR-1 and PACTOR-2 calls.

Europan users are reminded to use the long-path call option.

Operational details:
QTH: Quartz Hill (ZL6QH) near Wellington
QRV: 24 hrs, except during all major RTTY SSB and CW Contests.
Controller: PTC-II (stand-alone)

HF port:
Rig: TS140
Pwr: 25-30W PEP
Ant: Multi-band Vee Beam, 20 m up, legs of 300 m each.
Heading: NW (SP Eu)

VHF port (1, default):
Rig: Yaesu FT211
Pwr: 25W
Ant: GP @ 6 m
QRG: 145.425 MHz/1200 bd (Mt. Climie Data)
Nearest Node: ZL2BAU-1
Other: ZL2ARN-8 (PACTOR Gateway)

UHF port (2, preferred):
Rig: Tait 196
Pwr: 7W
Ant: GP @ 6 m
QRG: 438.600 MHz/9600 bd (Mt Climie Data)
Nearest Node: ZL2BSJ-1


The ZL2ARN-8 PACTOR Gate can be connected to directly from ZL2PQH with:
'C 1:ZL2ARN-8'

ZL2PQH Scan-frequencies:

The frequencies below are MARK-QRGs:


Ch Frequency/kHz Scan Gate
1: 10122.000 YES YES
2: 10122.500 NO YES
3: 10123.000 NO YES
4: 10126.000 YES YES
5: 10137.000 YES YES
6: 10142.000 YES YES
7: 10142.500 YES YES
8: 10143.000 NO YES
9: 10145.500 NO YES
10: 10146.000 NO YES
11: 10147.500 NO YES
12: 10148.000 YES YES
13: 18105.000 YES YES
14: 18105.500 NO YES
15: 18108.000 YES YES
16: 18109.000 NO YES
17: 24925.000 YES YES

Quartz Hill Website:

The ZL2PQH PACTOR<>PACKET Gateway is operated on behalf of the Quartz Hill Users Group (QHUG). The official Web Site is
For more info about the PACTOR Gateway, contact Wilbert (ZL2BSJ) at:

Posted by ZL2BSJ on February 10, 2004
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