cqwwcw03 team web photo.jpg

The ZL6QH ops at the end of the contest - all tired but still smiling after setting a new Zone 32 record. Left to right: Brian ZL1AZE, John ZL1BYZ, Franz ZL2III, Tony ZL2AGY and Wilbert ZL2BSJ

Here are the raw ZL6QH log statistics from the contest:

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 19 8 10
80: 510 30 80
40: 1717 33 96
20: 1855 33 122
15: 1552 32 95
10: 2149 32 69
Total: 7802 168 472 Total Score = 14,698,240

Comments from Wilbert ZL2BSJ:

Good condx all around, except perhaps 160 m. Pre-contest, our attempt to put up a 15 m monoband yagi was thwarted. But successful alterations were made to the 160 m vertical, adding an 80 m section.

Compared to last year, all bands showed higher QSO numbers. The raw score
increased by 50 %, more than meeting our target of nudging the Zone 32 M/M high score (9.6M set by ZL2K in 1993).

This led to much back-slapping, chest-beating and self-congratulations iimmediately after the contest, followed by a celebratory round of left-over contest coffee.

Many thanks to John ZL1BYZ for making the trip from Up North to do the graveyard shift and to Tony ZL2AGY for volunteering for two nights of digi QRM on 160 and static on 80 m.

Posted by ZL1AZE on December 02, 2003