ZL6QH has achieved what is expected to be a new record score in the multi-multi category for the Oceania CW DX Contest. Operators ZL2III, ZL1AZE, and ZL2BSJ operated 2 stations for 24 hours to achieve a raw score of 8.6M, well up on the 7.1M result in 2002. Here are the vital statistics -

Band QSOs Mults
160: 10 7
80: 106 82
40: 707 331
20: 672 301
15: 518 274
10: 337 153
Total: 2350 1148 Total Score = 8,626,072

DSC00473X.jpg DSC00474X.jpg DSC00476X.jpg

Working the pileups - Wilbert ZL2BSJ (left), Franz ZL2III/DK2II (centre) and Brian ZL1AZE (right)

ZL2BSJ comments "A big improvement over last year's score. Was it the new toys? Or the superiour ops? Or just plain luck with the propagation? Good signals on all bands. Even 10 m went well, with good signals from US East Coast stations (amongs others).

Best DX: GM3YTS by ZL2III on 160 m at local sunset...one of three 160 m QSOs outside Oceania. The last-minute repair of the 160 m vertical by car-headlight was worth it!

Memorable QSO: "599-001" from BQ9P on 10 m :-) "

Posted by ZL1AZE on October 20, 2003
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