Why is Bob ZL2AMI always out at Quartz Hill taking part in RTTY contests?

Firstly he enjoys it, but also because the RTTY gang have added an extra zest in the form of the RTTY World Ranking - which encourages participation in RTTY contests.

Bob is now #10 ranking world wide and shows what can be achieved from the Quartz Hill station. Note that many of the top ranking stations live in the shadow of a sky filled with aluminium. Bob says that the top spots will always be the preserve of the Single Operator 2 Radio's (SO2R) operators. Exceptional Guys who can operate their brains in Left and Right split mode.

There are still some 40 weekends left at Quartz Hill for you to try your hand at something!

Posted by ZL1AZE on August 05, 2003
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