This beautiful picture, taken by Doug McNeill ZL2AOV was used to produce the current QSL cards for QSOs with ZL6QH.

We are indebted to Vertex Standard (YAESU) who provide our supply of QSL cards

If you received one of our earlier plain black-on-white cards and would like one of the new ones, please send details of the QSO.

All applicants for QSLs should note that our QSL is 151 mm x 110 mm, so send a self-addressed envelope of C-6 or DLE size together with one IRC or one Green Stamp for Economy mail; two IRCs or two Green Stamps for priority (air) mail. The usual USA small envelope is unsuitable and involves folding the card. We are also very happy to QSL through the bureau.

DLE envelope - 225 x 114 mm (8.9 x 4.4 in)
C6 envelope - 162 x 114 mm (6.4 x 4.4 in)

The QSL address is:

ZL6QH QSL Manager
Ralph Sutton ZL2AOH
12c Herbert Gardens
186 The Terrace
Wellington 6001
New Zealand

Wellington Amateur Radio Club
Box 6464

Posted by ZL1AXG on January 25, 2006