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Kordia donates equipment

Kordia NZ has donated equipment to the Quartz Hill User Group that will be able to be used at our planned remote site.

Considerable work has already been completed in the design of remote control systems and an antenna farm for a new remote transmitting and receiving site to replace the Quartz Hill station. The QHUG committee was about to purchase componentry for linear amplifiers, when Kordia indicated that it was prepared to denote two transceivers, two linear amplifiers and two power supplies (for transceivers and linear amplifiers) to QHUG in support of the new remote TX/RX site.

Linear amplifier and power supply

We are extremely grateful for the donation of the commercial Datron equipment, which will accelerate plans for a new remote station.


Posted by ZL1AXG on May 16, 2015
Report from the Quake Contesters DXpedition

The Quake Contesters banner.jpg

The first group to receive a grant from the Quartz Hill User Group DX and Contesting Fund has completed their DXpedition and reported back. You will find their report here..

Villa Chelle and the mighty hexbeam.jpg

We suspect this won't be the last DXpedition from the Quake Contesters Group!

Quartz Hill Funding Application Approved

The Quartz Hill User Group Committee is pleased to announce that an application for funds from the Quake Contesters Group (ZL3X) based in Christchurch, New Zealand has been approved as of 30 July 2014.

We wish the group every success in their Vanuatu DXpedition (Efate Island, OC-035) using callsign YJ0X in October 2014.

Posted by ZL1AXG on July 31, 2014
A Reconsideration of DX and Contesting Antennas for the Low Bands

The Quartz Hill User Group has been searching for some time for a suitable location for re-establishing an HF DX and Contesting site in the bottom half of the North Island of New Zealand. A key consideration has been site area.

This paper by the Convenor of QHUG provides a reconsideration of the site area requirement and the kinds of antennas for the low HF bands that should be considered.

At a meeting of the QHUG Committee on 30 July 2014 the key ideas in this paper were accepted. A review of our site requirements document is under way, and all previously identified sites will be reassessed, and revisited as needed to see if any sites meet our revised requirements.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Posted by ZL1AXG on July 31, 2014